Saturday, 12 August 2017

Pop Up Vintage Fairs London - Vintage Late Night Shopping

Working 9-5 what a way to make a living. Well some of us have got to do it and this means missing out on vintage events that take place during the day, mid week. 

I was thrilled when I saw Pop Up Vintage Fairs London's facebook event for an evening pop up fair, it's such a good idea for those who want to shop after work.

This fair started at 4.30pm near Aldgate and would go on until 9.30pm - I had the day off as it happened but I could easily make it to this after work and that's what excited me so much!

The interior of the hall is amazing! 

Wilton's Music Hall is the most fantastic venue and perfect for a vintage fair. The music hall itself housed two tiers of sellers, mostly on the main floor and then some in the balcony.

There were also sellers in the upstairs sections like the Champagne Charlie Room.

The venue has a bar which was open and toilets upstairs which also had a couple of rooms being used as fitting rooms - both being essential for a vintage sale.

There we also performers throughout the event. 

My Favourite Things took to the main stage to entertain the shoppers and were fantastic entertainment, keeping the energy of the event up! 

There was a good variety of sellers at the Pop up Vintage Fair. There was a lot of true 40's and 50's vintage clothing but there were also stalls of accessories (true vintage and reproduction) and some sellers with more 80's clothing.

It's good to see a variety of item age and therefore price points at these sales otherwise they become environments where people can become priced out.

I bought this beautiful bag and the seller informed me this was used by the wardrobe department of the BBC series The Crown, so my bag may well be on the TV soon!

I also bought an original 1940's dress from one seller but I am afraid I am keeping it under wraps until my Twinwood wardrobe round up. Here is a sneak peek at the print...

I also picked up these modern clip earrings from another seller, that were a bargain £3, I thought they looked really atomic and will be great for a night out. 

I tried on some fabulous items from Peacock Vintage  because they had such a good range of sizes. Unfortunately on the day there wasn't anything for me but I will be keeping an eye on their Instagram and will certainly be having a rummage at their stall at the next sale. 

The sale got crowded quickly so my advice would be to get there on the dot, this is a well organised sale so you won't be waiting around for sellers to turn up the way you do at some other places!

As I say with all sales I like to be comfortable and able to try things on quickly so I don't dress up to the nines. 

I wore this Bardot top from Primark and some Primark pumps, with this simple black skirt.

A bag you can put on your shoulder keeps both your hands free for rummaging. 

I also like to wear my hair up, usually with a headscarf to keep it out of my way. I added my Erstwilder necklace, that I actually bought at a stall at Crufts, for a bit of fun. 

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen my top tip for trying on original vintage is to tie your nylon scarf over your face when putting the garment on or taking it off, this avoids make up transfer. Its another reason to wear a headscarf or at least have one in your bag! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would very much look forward to the next Pop up vintage fair, especially another evening event. 

Until next time 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Edith's House - London Vintage Eatery Review

Edith's House Crouch End has been my go to eatery for a while now. Usually a weekend treat for me post carboot sale or before I head out somewhere.

I decided it was time to write a proper review of this little gem of vintagey goodness.

Edith's House is located on The Broadway, Crouch End. A peek through the windows reveals a hidden world where vintage reins supreme.

The decor in Edith's House is a vintage lovers dream, the seating is split into areas...

The Bedroom

The Dressing Table

The Telephone Seat

The Smallest Room

The Dining Room

The Lounge

Everywhere you look there are vintage pictures and ornaments and the specials are written on plates which hang on the wall.


Everything has a vintage element at Edith's House...


The hostess with the mostess Roux looked after me very well, Edith's House is a dog friendly establishment, and Roux is especially friendly when you have got the dog treats!

 The Food

It's the food that keeps me coming back to Edith's House, to be honest a lot of vintage styled eateries have the best of intentions but more emphasis goes on the decor than the quality but this is not the case here... 

The Menu 

(Menu images property of Edith's House) 

The menu has just enough for returning customers to keep it interesting but is not overwhelming. 

There is always something tempting on the specials menu too, I usually have the breakfast bundle (a creature of habit) but for this review I decided to try smoked salmon scrambled eggs and truffle oil on sourdough. 

This dish was absolutely gorgeous, the bread was toasted perfectly, the eggs were seasoned just enough (I put salt on my eggs wherever I go except Edith's House) and the smoked salmon, arranged in a rose shape, was beautifully fresh. 


Tea is the order of the day when I come to Edith's House because they serve loose leaf tea which comes with a strainer, cosy and a proper cup. I love their lavender and chamomile tea but they have an extensive list.

They have a range of soft drinks too and for the purposes of review I also sampled the homemade lemonade which was so fresh and not too sweet. I'm fussy about homemade lemonades and this had just the right amount of tang!

The pricing of the menu at Edith's House is fantastic for the quality and the quantity of the food you receive, there is a reason this place is so popular with locals. 

Another thing I love about Edith's House is the story of how is all began, I'm a romantic and love anywhere that has a story!

Edith's House story

(Image property of Edith's House) 

Edith's House can also be hired for parties, oh how I would love to have a birthday here! For more information visit their website

I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Edith's House, it's something that has to be experienced!

Until Next Time

Monday, 24 July 2017

Review - Lindy Bop 'Vera' Blue Rose Stripe Print Swing Skirt

As part of my summer haul from Lindy bop I bought the gorgeous 'Vera' Blue Rose Stripe Print Swing Skirt. 
I'd had my eye on this for a while so I was happy when it went into the sale for £20.00. 
I must say I am pleased with it from the top to the bottom! 

The waistband is thick which I find essential on these types of skirt, too thin and they just loose that lovely structure. 

The skirt is  full, not circle, with some gentle pleating which falls really nicely, this shape is perfect for the office because anything bigger and I will knock things off shelves! 

The skirt comes to below the knee and thankfully is lined. I always wear hosiery and never leave the house bare legged, cotton skirts can have a habit of riding up against nylon clad legs but the lining stops this happening. 

Wether or not something has a lining is something I would check before ordering again as I'd have a strong preference to the lined skirts. Whilst writing this post I discovered if you type "fully lined" into the search bar of the Lindy Bop website the lined items will appear - score! 

The pattern is gorgeous, swirled stripes with red and blue roses. I love how the pattern is traditional and not too novelty. It's bright and fun but not too garish. 

In terms of fit I bought a 16 which was perfect for me, it's a little looser than some of my Lindy Bop dresses but I sit down all day so prefer the extra space! 

How I wore it 

I decided to wear my yellow bakelite bangle again as it goes with so many things and it was accompanied by these Splendette blue and white marbled bangles which mirror the colours in the roses. 

I wore a blue vest top and this red bolero (RIP BHS) to tie in with the accent colours. 

The brooch seems sufficiently floral for such an outfit. 

In my earrings I picked up on the green with these plastic bakelite-esque earrings that were a 50p charity shop find. 

This red Kelly bag is a new favourite, I had been after one for an age and I found this in my local Mind charity shop for £6.99

It was hot and nearly the end of the week so my tired feet had a ballet pump treat this day! 

My lipstick of choice today was the NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in cherry skies. 

My roots are driving me a little crazy now but it has given me an idea for a blog post on hairstyles to hide your roots! 

Until next time