Sunday, 22 October 2017

Styling My Vintage Charity Shop Haul

I recently got some great vintage style pieces from the charity shops and made a haul video on my YouTube channel which you can see here.

I like to think I can see the potential in things that other people might overlook. As soon as I see an item of clothing I have a mental run through of what I might style it with from my own wardrobe.

Here are the items I bought and the ways I chose to style them.

Mustard and Blue Print Skirt 

This skirt encompasses all my favourite colours so it had to come home with me. 

 This brown leaf and berry brooch is an early plastic.
This stack of resin and Bakelite picks up on the colours in the print.
I'm wearing Hotters of course, I am so glad I got these yellow ones, I have so much they coordinate with. 

I love my brown Waldybag, it goes with basically anything, I'd love to collect more.

 This furry yellow hat was a true vintage find from a closing down sale and it's the perfect time of year to wear it. 

This dark lipstick is by Make Up Revolution at Superdrug. 

Embroidered Trim Skirt 

Cotton skirts work across seasons when styled with the right things, this one would also work in spring and summer. 

 This little vintage wooden and mother of peal pin is perfect for this outfit, I love natural materials in autumn.

 These resin and wooden bangles, including this hand painted rose one tied everything together nicely.

And as ever my red felt hat which is getting its fair share of wear on these blustery days. 

Floral Print Skirt 

It's floral, full and totally nana chic, I had to have this skirt! 
For autumn florals I like to pick up on the greens and browns in prints, and this doily collar shirt is grannytastic. 

My pink Hotter Sandy's have also been worth every penny of their cost per wear.

This bag was the wounded carboot sale find I got recently. I couldn't resist wearing it with this outfit and going all out florals!
I picked up this hat after a friend spotted it in a charity shop and decided it wasn't for them. It's a Juliet hat with little flowers attached. It's got some age to it.
Brooches are my weakness and since roses were the order of the day I had to add this to set everything off.

Bright pink lipstick by Mermaid Salon

Secretary Shirt 

I love shirts with details and like to keep the rest of the outfit simple, this beaded and frill detail shirt really doesn't need much, I'll definitely be wearing this to the office. 

This Corde bag was another of my carboot sale finds, and my black Sandy Hotters of course. I really hope they bring out some new colours in this style! 
These earrings went so well with the beading in the shirt and I found them at a charity shop ages ago. 

This lipstick is same as above.  

Sixties Mod Dress

I am a sucker for the 60's and these dresses are so easy to just throw on and go. 

My Hotter boots above were a great buy for the autumn and winter, I am getting so much wear out of them and as ever they are so comfortable. I am on the look out for a brown pair. 

Unfortunately then the heavens opened and I had to dash inside! I really wanted a close up of the amazing grey/green liquid lipstick also by Mermaid Salon. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at how I put these outfits together. 

Until next time 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Vintage Charity shop Haul

Unfortunately I have discovered that views of views on this page don't count on youtube so I'll be linking videos from now on to keep everything neat and tidy. 

Link below to my latest YouTube video - A vintage charity shop haul! 

I hope you enjoy! 

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Autumnal Jewellery Collection

I may have mentioned once or twice that autumn is my favourite time of year, I love the rich season colours and nature inspired prints.

I have been on the look out for jewellery that fits with the autumnal tones in my wardrobe and happily have found quite a few things while out and about as well as digging some old favourites out from the drawers.

Sugar Glass Fruits 

This necklace came from a Facebook selling page and I had been on the look out for something like this for a while.

I love how the reds and yellows contrast with the green leaves and mirrors how the leaves turn colour.

It reminded me of these earrings which I also picked up on Facebook about a year ago, I sometimes prefer when things don't actually match but would happily wear them together.

Sugar glass has a lovely texture and makes for a really interesting piece.

Liquorice Torpedo Necklace

I spotted this in a charity shop and was drawn the colours of the beads, it reminds me of those liquorice sweets you can buy.

It's a modern piece by Trucco but I thought the colours would coordinate with the popular Bakelite colours. It actually goes really well with these Bakelite earrings.

Glass Bangle

I found this bangle in a charity shop and decided it would go really well nestled amongst my other older bangles, it's actually quite mottled and almost see through in some areas.

Since it was cold to the touch and red I thought it might have been coral but after a bit of research and help from friends I have decided it is glass.

My autumn wardrobe includes a lot of rust colours and don't have anything else like this in my collection. I think it looks great with my pumpkin coloured Bakelite.

Nanny Lucy's Brooch

I was recently gifted a box of brooches from my grandma which belonged to my great grandma Lucy who I am named after. It meant so much to be gifted them and they will never leave my collection.

This one really caught my eye as it is a big bold piece with delicate detailing in the stones. It's perfect for jazzing up an autumnal outfit. Some of them date back quite far so I will do a blog post all about them (and her) at some point.

Bakelite Brooch 

I have only recently addd a Bakelite brooch to my collection but as soon as this one was posted for sale on a Facebook selling group I snapped it up because well... bakelite...and brown....and blooms.

I also recently acquired this beautiful set which will be perfect for both autumn and christmas. I had been after one of these sets for ages and a Facebook friend very kindly sold me a spare she had stashed away 

The earrings are screwbacks which I don't usually wear but for these I will make an exception! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm not wishing my favourite season away but I cannot wait to do Christmas looks this year! 

Until next time 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Miss Bella's Blooms - Hair Flower Review

Like all things in life not all hair flowers are created equal and ordering online requires a degree of confidence in the sellers.

That's why at Twinwood it was great to be able to see some products up close and personal.

One of the stalls at Twinwood was Miss Bella's Blooms and I was so pleased to be able to see the products for myself.

This pink handmade hair flower immediately caught my eye for a couple of reasons.


I love the shape of this hair piece since so many sellers only make their hair flowers round and it's nice to have variety in the products. I think this shape makes the piece more versatile.


The colour of this piece is beautiful, it's a dusky pink with dark green leaves which only adds to the vintage feel. Miss Bella's Blooms does also offer the brighter, more out there designs that are so popular so it's fantastic to see something for everyone.

The base is dark green which means it is disguised and you cannot see any little bits poking out when you wear it, which is a problem I have found with other sellers in the past.


The quality of a hair flower will dictate it's longevity as well as how it looks when worn. This piece is very high quality, the flowers are strengthened with tiny beads in the centre of each flower. You cannot see any glue or stitching from the outside which is what makes these pieces look so seamless.

The clips on the back of these pieces are very high quality, a good length and with firm grip. As you can see below the flowers and leaves overlap the base so nothing shows through. 

In fact the clips are such good quality you can even use the piece to attach to other things, I put it on this blue hat and think it looks great but you could also clip it through a button hole or through a belt with a cute dress. 

Some of Miss Bella's Blooms pieces come with pins and clips so you get the option to use them as a corsage which is a brilliant idea! 

Miss Bella's Blooms Etsy shop has some amazing examples of her pieces and I am already thinking about a Christmas inspired piece as party season is not far off!

(3 Images property of Miss Bella's Blooms) 

Until Next Time

*Thank you to Miss Bella's Blooms for providing this piece for the purposes of review, all views are my own.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Makerly Craft Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular these days, I have dabbled with a few myself but had yet to find the right one for me.

You can get all kinds of subscriptions these days from tea bags to designer branded beauty, they come at every price point. 

It occurred to me that a craft subscription box would be a great idea and I was thrilled that Makerly sent me one of their craft subscription boxes to review.  

Everyone at my office would attest I was very excited to receive my box in the post, I couldn't wait to see what was inside, I love the fun packaging!

Inside it was like a party in a box! I love all the packaging which not only keeps the items inside safe but is also bright and colourful and I know my hoarder tendencies mean this will be saved to be reused for a christmas gift.

You get lots of info about the companies featured in the box and a cute little welcome postcard. 

This months make was a cross stitch kit from cross stitch designer Innocent Bones. I cannot tell you how happy I was that it was cross stitch as I have been meaning to pick one up for ages!

The Innocent Bones Easy shop will definitely be on my Christmas list as they have so many designs I want to complete, my favourites being "Do No Harm, Take No Shit" and "Don't Be A Dick"

One thing that really appeals is that it's a vintage style craft but with a modern design, I love contrasts like that and it would make a great gift for someone after I have had the pleasure of making it which is win win! (I make no promises I might just keep it)

The kit contains everything you need to make the cross stitch, the instructions are very clear and well presented as a step by step guide.

You also receive other goodies as part of the box, this month included these cool stickers from Jenny Mure which are illustrations of skulls. Her Instagram is very interesting so take a look!

In keeping with the skull theme the kit also contained these little skull beads which will be perfect for a Halloween craft.

Makerly have three options on their website, a monthly subscription is £15 but you can save some money by signing up for 3 months (£40) or 6 months (£75)

I think this would make a wonderful gift for someone or to treat yourself to a little me time each month if you are craft inclined. It would be great for a beginner too to try your hand at things you wouldn't have otherwise. 

Buying a subscription box for a crafter is fantastic because you get sent the materials you need rather than having lots of materials left over which you have to store. This is definitely an issue in my life! 

I hope you enjoyed this review, for more information on Makerly please visit their website here

Until next time 

Thank you to Makerly for providing this box for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.